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Date: 28th August 2016
Laser Engraving Cutting Marketing Machine
Features:--- The process of Carving and cutting can be finished by only an operator at a time and no need to polish manually or flame polishing;----Configured with light path, smooth cutting and no saw-tooth stripe.----Focal length cutting and automatic induction, CNC router with servo head can guarantee the quality of cutting.---- PC control with adjustment more convenient.--- Support compatible software AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW;---The performance of the machine is excellent that works 24 hours a day.Parameters:Model: XHY-1309Laser power: 100 laser tubeWorking range: 1300x900mmPositioning accuracy: < ?0.02mmDriving system: stepping /servo?Min letter size: Chinese 1x1mm, English 0.8x0.8mmHighest scanning precision: 2500DPISupported file format?Hpgl/bmp/dxf/pltLaser strength: 255 classMBMB: 256M,off-line workMachine dimension: 1900x1400x1100mmApplications:Applicable industries Advertisement, gift, shoes, toys, computers, garments, model cutting, model marking, artwork, furniture, decoration, building, packaging, paper industry.?Applicable materials Carving, acrylic, organic glass, wood, bamboo, crystal, plastic, garments, leather, ceramic, trademark and other nonmetal material.
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